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Shoot & Splice Holiday Film Trivia Contest

Throughout the year, Indie Memphis and Crosstown Arts brings cinematographers, directors, editors, writers, and technicians to Shoot & Splice, our monthly filmmaking forum.
Come help us celebrate the end of another year at the annual Shoot & Splice Holiday Film Trivia Contest presented by film critics John Beifuss of The Commercial Appeal and Chris McCoy of the Memphis Flyer.

Shoot & Splice: Production Design

Have you ever wondered how movies achieve a particular look and visual style? Join Production Designer Darian Corley as she takes you through the process of conceptualizing and designing film sets and locations. From breaking down the script to identifying design styles to working with directors and cinematographers, Darian will cover it all.
Shoot & Splice is a monthly filmmaking forum presented collaboratively by Indie Memphis and Crosstown Arts.

Shoot & Splice: Making a Web Series

Join Jessica Chaney and Amanda Willoughby of Not Your Ordinary Films as they share secrets and give behind-the-scenes stories of creating the independent web series, This Can’t Be Life. They’ll share their creative process, how they built their audience, and much more.

Shoot & Splice is a monthly filmmaking forum presented collaboratively by Indie Memphis and Crosstown Arts.

Shoot & Splice: Filmmaking Within Your Means

Join prolific Memphis filmmaker Mark Jones as he presents his workshop and discussion, “Filmmaking Within Your Means.” Mark will share his writing and filmmaking ethos, including writing for realistic and simple locations and minimizing the amount of speaking roles. But most importantly, this workshop will help teach you how to embrace your supposed creative limitations to make a wholly unique and original film.

Shoot & Splice: Filming on Film

Many filmmakers might argue that the film vs. digital debate is dead in the water and that digital has finally won out for good. But many of the major releases in 2017 were actually shot entirely, or at least partially, on film, including Wonder Woman, The Post, Justice League, Phantom Thread, The Florida Project and I, Tonya. Join us for a discussion about shooting in both formats, why a filmmaker in 2018 might choose to shoot on film, and where to find resources to do so.

Shoot & Splice is a monthly forum for filmmakers presented collaboratively by Crosstown Arts & Indie Memphis.

Free and open to the public
Doors at 6:30 pm | discussion at 7 pm

Shoot & Splice: LensRentals.com Demo

Monthly filmmaking forum hosted by Indie Memphis and Crosstown Arts.
Join Indie Memphis and Crosstown Arts as we welcome our friends from LensRentals.com. They will provide a camera and lens demonstration, and they’ll showcase some of their latest gear.
LensRentals.com is also a sponsor of the Indie Memphis IndieGrant program, now entering its fifth year. The latest news on IndieGrants and call for submissions will also be announced soon.
Doors at 6:30 ….

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