About Shared Art Making

Crosstown Arts Shared Art Making is a workspace that provides anyone — from professionals to hobbyists — with common access to shared art-making facilities and equipment in digital arts, music, woodworking, printmaking, and photography.  

Members share a common space to grow their creative practice with access to high-end equipment, facilities, instruments, and work areas, and a supportive environment with others interested in making and discovering. The Shared Art-Making Labs are open to everyone at any level of expertise or experience via a monthly membership program. The Labs are also the site for professionally led workshops and skills training classes on a variety of topics that inspire, cultivate and enliven the creative Memphian.

The Labs boast a diverse range of artists all working in one place — a center for creative exchange where:

  •      new ideas are conceived
  •      collaborations naturally evolve
  •      community among artists is strengthened
  •      new artists with creative aspirations are supported
  •      opportunities for creative outreach are nurtured
  •      Memphis artists can develop their true potential
  •      new art-making skills are learned and existing skills enhanced
  •       hinderances to accessing art-making equipment are overcome

The Labs are for everyone — from MFA-trained fine artists and skilled, master craftsmen, to new artists or artisans looking to explore their creative ideas for the first time. It is an open, supportive environment that doesn’t discriminate and thrives on the eclectic creative diversity among its members.


Tuesday-Thursday, 10 am-10 pm
Friday, 10 am-8 pm
Saturday, 10 am-6 pm
Sunday, noon-6 pm

Walk-in tours are always welcome, but if you’d like to schedule a tour, email shared@crosstownarts.org.

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