Youth Arts Programming

Spring 2019 Events
* Crosstown Arteests present: The Evolution of Creativity
Thursday, May 2, 5:30-7 pm
430 N. Cleveland

* Crosstown Arts 1st Annual Spring Show. Feat. Tap and Spoken Word performances
Friday, May 3, 5-7 pm
Crosstown Theater

* Crosstown Arts Presents: Comic Creation Critique
Tuesday, May 7, 5-6:30 pm
210 at Crosstown Arts

Spring 2019 Workshops
On-site Art Classes in 210:
Tuesdays – Comic book creation
Wednesdays – Spoken word

Thursdays – Painting

Off-site Art Classes:
Mondays/Tuesdays – Therapeutic artistry at Shelby County Juvenile Detention Center
Wednesdays – Mural project at Humes Middle School
Thursdays -Film project at Northwest Prep Academy
Fridays – Writing workshop at Humes Middle School; Tap dance at Soulsville Charter School; T-shirt design at Knowledge Quest (Gaston)

Crosstown Arts places a high priority on helping young people in Memphis (aged 10-18) develop their own voices through creative and expository writing and other free project-based art workshops in film, music, theater, culinary arts, and the visual arts.

While Crosstown Arts’ people, programming and resources are intricately interwoven into the curriculum of the newly formed Crosstown High School, partnerships have also been cultivated with other nearby middle and high schools, such as Northwest Prep, Central, Snowden, Soulsville Charter School, and Humes. Crosstown Arts has also partnered with the Shelby County Juvenile Detention Center, JIFF, and Memphis Athletic Ministries.

Through guided, conversation-style tours of exhibitions and hands-on art-making that includes direct interaction with resident artist and access to the diverse spaces and equipment of Crosstown Arts, the youth arts and education program uses its array of resources as a platform for cultivating student voice, creating a safe and open community, developing skills and the foundations of a creative practice, and discussing contemporary social issues.

Afternoon Workshops
These collaborations with professional artists and trained volunteers help our student participants see projects from inspiration to finished works and public recognition.

We believe young people write and create with enthusiasm and increasing confidence when they see the steps of a particular artistic process lead to a final product, so each of our workshops is specifically designed to result in a finished work showcased in the most professional format possible — then published, performed, screened, or exhibited before a receptive audience.

In-School Workshops                                                             
Since fall 2013, we have partnered with middle and high schools in the greater Crosstown area, where writers, artists, musicians, and theater professionals go to the schools to allow more young people access to our youth arts programming. These workshops also result in a finished work that is showcased.

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