Residency FAQs

What is an artist residency?
Artist residencies are intended to provide individuals or artist collectives the time and space to focus on their work.

How is Crosstown Arts’ residency program different from some other residencies?
There are many types of residencies offered throughout the world. The residency spaces are in or near a bustling, energetic building with many opportunities for interaction. 

What types of artists can apply for a residency?
Crosstown Arts offers multidisciplinary residencies to visiting and Memphis-based artists and curators, working in any creative discipline including visual and performing arts, music, film, and writing in all genres.

How long are the residencies?
There are three-month residencies in the spring and fall of each year and two three-week residencies each summer (artists can request to stay for one or both summer sessions). There is also one 10-month visual artist, studio-only residency available per year.

What is included in a residency at Crosstown Arts?
Artists are offered living space in Crosstown Concourse (if needed), a private studio space, plant-focused meals five days a week, and free access to our shared art-making space during their residency period.

How can artists apply?
The application period is from May 15 through July 15  for all residencies the following year.  Applications are accepted online through SlideRoom with a link posted on the Crosstown Arts website. 

What do applicants need to apply?
Applicants submit 10 work samples, an artist statement, a residency goals statement, a resume/CV, and references. 

How much does it cost to apply?
The application fee is $10; applicants may request a hardship waiver.

What is the selection process?
Applications are scored by an annually rotating selection panel of creative professionals from Memphis and around the world, with varying backgrounds and expertise in the visual/performing arts, music, film, and writing fields. Residencies are offered based on the panel’s scores with an emphasis on inclusivity and supporting a diverse range of creative practices, ethnicities, cultural backgrounds, and personal histories. 

Does Crosstown Arts rent studios?
No. All studio spaces are reserved for resident artists.

How many studios does Crosstown Arts have?
There are approximately 12 studios available for resident artists. 

Where are the studios located?
Studios are located throughout Crosstown Concourse and in the neighboring area, near Crosstown Arts’ other spaces.

Where are the residency apartments?
The apartments are on the eighth and ninth floors of Crosstown Concourse.

What types of living spaces are offered?
The residency program operates 13 furnished apartments — 12 small apartments attached to a common living room/dining room/laundry room and one two-bedroom apartment prioritized for families. Housing options are available for people with disabilities.

Where do residents come from?
Residents are local, national, and international artists. In 2019, Crosstown Arts received applications from more than 30 different states, as well as from China, Japan, Europe, Zambia, Iceland, and the Ukraine, among many other countries.

Can Memphis artists apply?
Local artists are highly encouraged to apply and are an essential part of the residency program.

What is the age requirement?
Anyone who will be 21 years of age or older at the time of their residency is welcome to apply.

Are there project requirements for residents?
There are no specific project requirements for accepted residents. They are encouraged to experiment and explore new ideas or further develop current work already in process.

Each resident is asked to give an informal artist talk, presentation, or short performance. Artists who are in the residency for three months or longer also participate in an open studio night and guide a public engagement project.

Learn more in the About section or in the Residency Guide. Email with any questions.

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