Workshops & Classes

Zines 101: Cut & Paste
Sunday, Feb. 17, 6-8 pm
Free — Sign up here

Join us in a night of making simple zines! Come prepared with information you want to spread. Maybe you want to make a giant collage, or write out reasons your best friend is wonderful, or list tips on getting through a gloomy day, or draw all of your favorite animal friends. We will do some brainstorming and then see a short demo. Then we will spend the majority of our time making an eight-page quarter-size zine.

Facilitated by artist and zinester A.M. O’Malley-Miller. She can be found elsewhere on the internet herehere and here.

Photoshop Beginner’s Class — Line Art
Monday, Feb. 18, 5:30-7:30 pm
Suggested donation of $45 — Sign up here

What is a pixel? What is a vector? Where does one start when making art in photoshop? Instructor and School of Visual Arts MFA Gino Barzizza will explain the in-depth world of digital art production. Gino will walk you through his method influenced by comic book production and traditional animation techniques. The class will include How to Get Started, Tools, Importing Images into Photoshop, Layers and Layer Properties, Pixel vs. Vector, Printing, and Line Art Coloring … Gino style.

LED Flashlight: Intro to Soldering for Electronics
Saturday, Feb. 23, 5:30-7:30 pm
Suggested donation of $45 — Sign up here

Soldering is at the core of every electronics project. In this class we will learn how to solder a point-to-point LED flashlight/hanging lamp. Instructors Gino and Diana Barzizza will show you tips and tricks to get you started on your journey into DIY electronics. Class includes introduction to electrical theory (Voltage, Amperage, Resistance) and hands-on building of a LED flash circuit using resistors, switches, LEDs and batteries. In the world of DIY electronics there is always something more to learn. This class is a first in a series in which students will build on their skills. Great class for beginners.

Members of Shared Art Making are invited to propose, lead, and be paid to teach workshops in their area of interest. For more information on workshop guidelines and how to submit a proposal, go here.

Crosstown Arts has been offering artist-led workshops to the public since 2011 in the Cleveland storefronts across the street from Crosstown Concourse, while the building was under renovation.

Now that Crosstown Arts has relocated into Concourse, these workshops are being expanded in size, number, frequency, audience, and subject matter to provide the creative community of Memphis with a new way to share specific knowledge and skill.

Crosstown Arts