Propose an Exhibition

Crosstown Arts welcomes ideas for curated exhibitions in the gallery spaces on the 2nd floor of Crosstown Concourse. Please keep in mind that shows in these spaces are typically on view for 6-8 weeks and are often scheduled up to 1-2 years in advance. Crosstown Arts often collaborates with individual artists and/or other organizations for these shows, which can often be the result of submitted proposals that evolve and expand into larger projects.

By submitting a concept in the form below you can be assured that your idea will be considered. Though you may not hear back from anyone on Crosstown Arts staff regarding your proposal, sincere thanks for taking the time to share your ideas.


Propose an exhibition

Crosstown Arts is a contemporary arts organization dedicated to further cultivating the creative community in Memphis, with spaces and programs that integrate varying components of exhibition, performance, production, and education. Everyone in the community is welcome to participate in a variety of ongoing events and projects, regardless of prior experience or expertise with creative interests.

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