Equipment, Spaces, & Resources

Shared Art Making provides a range of resources for artists and musicians who use computers for their creative work and who can benefit from an open, shared work space with a variety of digital and analog tools.  These include the following:

Work Stations

Open Work Space, featuring: 
* a digital lab with (7) 27-inch iMac stations, each with small midi controller and mic/line-in interface and headphones
* custom work tables
* a laser cutter
* a large format digital printer
* a vinyl cutter
* a guillotine paper cutter
* an industrial sewing machine
* a commercial laser printer and copier

Silkscreen Studio
A fully equipped studio is available to create and screenprint images to produce t-shirts, graphic posters, and other projects.

Editing Bay
The Editing Bay is a private work space, with of a 27-inch iMac station and equipment to support advanced film/video work including: a volume controller, JBL speakers, a color calibrated screen, and DaVinci Resolve software.

Sound Lab
The Sound lab is a private work space with a 27-inch iMac station, DAWs (Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton), and equipment to support advanced music/sound/audio work including: USB audio interface, USB 61 MIDI keyboard, several microphones, a sound board, and a midi board.  


A professional grade woodshop, featuring:
* hand tools and common work areas: hammers, drills, work tables, etc.
* stationary power tools : table saw, band saw, drill press, etc.
* a cnc router, for computer driven precision cutting of a range of materials
* a spray area, for clear coat finishing only (all painting is done outside)

For more information, please do not hesitate to stop by, give us a call, or drop us a line!

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