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Negative Space

07/25/19 – 08/25/19

Central Atrium, Crosstown Concourse
1350 Concourse Ave.
Memphis, TN 38104 United States

Exhibition of works in the miniscule spaces around the first and second floor of Crosstown Concourse in the Central and East Atria. Curated by Crosstown Arts resident artist Aubree Penney.

Featured artists: Sully Allen, Jesse Butcher, Zahria Cook, Dehanza, Mulanre “Eddie” Gan, Mary Jo Karimnia, Melanie Manos, Jeremiah Matthews and Kayla Selby, Natalie Minik, Alex Paulus, Cat Peña, Nick Peña, Terri Phillips, Corkey Sinks, Joey Slaughter, Jessica Weaver, Terri Weaver, and Tad Lauritzen Wright.

Engaging with the architecture and history of Crosstown and the residues of both its predecessor Sears and its subsequent transformation, group exhibition Negative Space operates within unused miniscule spaces in public areas of Crosstown Concourse. Numerous holes, nails, and small architectural elements pockmark walls and columns, bearing evidence of past usage. Negative Space invites current Artists in Residence at Crosstown Arts as well as local community artists to embrace these underutilized spaces for art display. Negative Space offers artists and audience members an opportunity both to explore the Concourse and to consider scale and intimacy in public art display.

Crosstown Arts