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Lavender’s Landscape

11/12/17 – 01/14/18

Crosstown Arts Galleries
1350 Concourse Ave., Suite 280
Memphis, TN 38104 United States

Anthony Lee

Latex and Urethane on Panel, Triptych, 2017

Composing a triptych, these works by artist Anthony Lee are a continuous, long-scale, lavender tonal gradient, equal in light value but demonstrating the effect of desaturation. Viewed from left to right, it begins as  intense lavender, and then through gradation it finishes into its grey equivalent. This adds a fourth-dimensional sense of movement or transfer within the works, allowing the viewer’s eyes to calmly experience the space in the works as they seemlessly shift color.
A high-gloss reflective stripe appears at bottom 3/8 of triptych, to alter the color value. It is also the artist’s attempt to simulate the only straight line found in nature — the horizon. The purest horizons are a visual illusion created by the perceived meeting of only the sky and shimmering water.

About the Artist:

Lee’s initial body of works were mixed-media panels with heavy color saturation and symbolic narrative content. His work has been featured at the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art, Powerhouse, Dixon Gallery and Gardens, Memphis College of Art, Arkansas Arts Center, National Civil Rights Museum, Caribbean Museum Center for the Arts, and several galleries throughout the U.S. He has also created many public art projects and large-scale mural works, of which one was nationally recognized and awarded in 2009. His au courant mode of painting is geometric abstraction with neo-minimalist sensibilities that echo Ellsworth Kelly and Peter Halley.

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