Current Residents

Crosstown Arts 2018 Summer Session Residents

Asuka Goto
photography, printmaking, drawing

As an American-born, biracial woman, I have always had a slightly awkward relationship with my Japanese father. Although he speaks English and I have studied Japanese, certain language and cultural barriers still exist between us. My dad is a writer, but until recently, I hadn’t read any of his work, as my Japanese reading comprehension – despite years of schooling – is relatively poor.

Three years ago, I became interested in the idea of translating one of his novels, both to satisfy a basic curiosity and as a way of acknowledging and attempting to bridge the space that exists between us.”








Brent Fogt
sculpture, collage, process art

The son of a Lutheran pastor and a psychotherapist, Brent Fogt* was born in Ohio and raised in Texas. He produces drawings, collages, and sculpture that combine found materials such as furniture, clothing, and organic materials.

*Fogt rhymes with Boat








Christopher Kardambikis
mixed media, print-making, book art

“I have a habit of exploring places through books and bookstores. Actually, no. This is more severe than a habit.’ I sleep with a small pile of books in my bed. I never leave the house without one book on my person; when traveling, I will pack 5 books in my suitcase, forgetting “essentials” for a long weekend away. I have purchased the same book over and over again, not to read myself but to gift to someone – even if I don’t know to whom. I buy books I know that I may not read but I know I will want to have near me.”









Christopher Kojzar
film, video art, social projects, critical writing

“I create mixed media and immersive video art in response to interactions I experience while sharing open and public spaces with others. Urban settings inspire my art practice because there is always something happening. I have a growing catalog of work that comprises the following: drawings I have made while sitting in airports, train stations, casinos, places of business, public parks, and government buildings; live-action videos of walking and driving; and audio recordings and interviews with people I have encountered. All of this output has shaped a nuanced body of work about what it means to me to see and be seen.”






Jeremiah Matthews

The Ellie Badge is a mostly studio-based vehicle for singer-songwriter Jeremiah Matthews. What started with writing and recording songs at age 15 in 2005 has been steadily going ever since. After a brief stint as a traditional four-piece band, The Ellie Badge’s live incarnation took a short break while Matthews attended graduate school until resurfacing as a stripped down one-man live show that leaned heavily on inventively live-looped drums, synths, and guitars. The themes revolve heavily around loss, growing up, and connection.









Olaniyi Rasheed Akindiya
multimedia, performance art, fiber arts, digital arts

“Ultimately, my work is designed to create comfort, peace, and solace. I believe that art can be a balm to the soul, revealing a quiet inner truth. My art is a reflection of the joys of life, directly inspired by rhythm, harmony, and the movement of daily existence.”









Xavier Neal-Burgin
creative writing, film

I am filmmaker whose work specifically deals with the intersection of race, poverty, & black existence in America. I want to further study and create films in this arena.







Alex Joins
mixed media, sculpture, installation

“I am an artist producing artwork at the direct convergence of sculpture and painting, raising the visual plane to the image which lies on its side.”

Carrol McTyre
visual artist

While the subject matter varies, at its core my work is an examination of the human experience. The process results in work that takes an anthropological perspective. It’s approachable, observational, and usually holds a surprise.”

music,  videos,  and more

“My visual/vocal art embodies perspectives. I love to illustrate my visions from the subject’s point of view and from the audience’s angle as well. I believe the overall outcome each time makes my work relatable because of the ‘put yourself in my shoes’ state of mind I tend to fall into while creating. Crisp statement colors help me convey how much art parallels the present state of the real world as opposed to just the use of solid separated blacks and whites.”

Kevin Brooks

My name is Kevin Brooks and I am a 24-year-old filmmaker from Memphis, Tennessee. I’ve began creating films at a very young age, ranging from stop-motion to narratives to just random home videos around the house. The journey began the day my dad brought home an RCA video camera and handed it to me and told me to go play with it. From that day on, I went around filming anything that I could, no matter how small or big it was. I just wanted to record everything and wrap my head around how this technology worked.”

Lester Merriweather
mixed media

The main interest within my practice is restructuring the socio-economic standing and acknowledgement of people of color.  Recent works re-contextualize printed ad material from fashion and lifestyle magazines and examine the ideas and systems that perpetuate social privilege, questioning advertisements that promote notions of racial hierarchy.”

Mike Calway-Fagen

“The fourth wall splits audience and actor creating codified spaces and performances. Reality really is a membrane, and these two seemingly disparate entities spit back and forth, exchanging information, materials, and impacts. I re-approach all things with this in mind. How might a sculpture, video, photo, collage, or whatever stumble right along with the viewer, breath held, eyes open.”

Paul Taylor

What do seemingly disparate artists Chuck Prophet, Aashish Khan, Eric Gales, Shelby Bryant, David Shouse, Ann Peebles, Dead Soldiers, Big Ass Truck, Shawn Lane, Sid Selvidge, Robert Ellis, John Nemeth, Devil Train, Amy LaVere, Mason Ruffner, Luther Dickinson, Kelley Mickwee and many more have in common?

Answer = They have all utilized the talents of Memphis musician Paul Taylor.

Richard Alley

Richard is an award-winning freelance reporter and columnist, as well as the editor of Inside Memphis Business. He has written the parenting column ‘Because I Said So for The Commercial Appeal since 2008. Richard is a native of Memphis, Tennessee, where he currently lives with his wife and four children.

Beth Krebs
installation, sculpture, and video art

My work celebrates the earnest, heroic, and usually botched human efforts at transcendence. I explore this subject with humor and empathy, by transforming physical spaces and by making sculptural objects, videos, and drawings.









Joel Thompson
composer and conductor

From R&B ballads to Russian symphonies, music has opened my mind and spirit to both the human experience and tastes of the divine. My goal as an artist is to hone the skills necessary to create music of that calibre and to direct its transformative power toward the mission of social justice — to create actual change.








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