Past Resident Artists

Andrea Morales

MEMPHIS, TN – July 2, 2015: Story is about a call to move a statue and grave of Nathan Bedford Forrest in Memphis. He and his wife and his great-grandson are buried in a park near downtown Memphis. The park was named for him. But it was renamed in 2013. The bodies and the statue of him are still there, though. In the days after the Charleston shooting, the mayor and city council have renewed their efforts to get the bodies and statue moved back to the cemetery where they were originally buried. Credit: Andrea Morales for The New York Times

Andrea Morales is an artist, photojournalist, freelance photographer, and teacher.  She works regularly for the New York Times and other well-known publications.

“Stories at the community level, when approached with patience and sensitivity, can and should speak universally.  In trying to understand a place, or a moment, I try to handle the mundane with equal reverence as the ceremonial.”

Ben Butler

Ben Butler

Ben Butler is an artist working primarily in wood and other organic materials.  His work has been exhibited nationally, with recent large-scale installations at Rice University Art Gallery & the University of Mississippi Museum.

“My sculptures reflect the sensibility that an object stands as a momentary physical manifestation of an ongoing process.  They provide evidence of unseen forces, and they point to the distinction between the human and the non-human.”

Lance Turner

Lance Turner was born in North Carolina in 1985. He graduated from Memphis College of Art with a BFA in Painting and Art History and from Savannah College of Art and Design with a MFA in Painting. Working with a wide array of media, including mirrors, wood, paint, and digital prints, his work incorporates viewers and their space as an extension of painting. During the 4-month residency, he plans to explore phenomenological space and illusion through a more sculptural use of media, or what he calls “the Independent Study in sculpture class he never had.”

Corkey Sinks

Corkey Sinks

Corkey Sinks is an artist working in a wide range of media including sculpture, textiles, and printed matter.  She received her MFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2012.

“I map repetition and contradiction of the paranoid spirit. Referencing new religious movements and self-help techniques, I imagine practical and psycho-spiritual coping strategies for the American condition.”

Crosstown Arts