All Summer 2018 workshops are full. Check back in August 2018 for information on fall workshops.

Summer 2018 Workshops

Learn to make beats using software in the Crosstown Arts digital lab. Workshop will end with a final concert in collaboration with Voices Up, a spoken word showcase on Monday, June 11.
June 4-8, 12-4 pm; high school only
Taught by Sunny Dizzle

Explore drawing and watercolor painting techniques. Learn to use your hands as eyes to visually render the world around you, developing your unique style of drawing and painting.
June 11-15, 10 am-1 pm; ages 12 and older
Taught by Terri Phillips

Learn hip hop dance techniques from a professional dancer and choreographer. Workshop will end with a final performance in the West Atrium of Crosstown Concourse.
June 18-22, 10 am-12 pm; ages 12 and older
Taught by Travis Butler

Learn to make plant-based dishes with Crosstown Arts’ head chef.
June 25, 1 pm-3:30 pm; middle school only
June 27, 1 pm-3:30 pm; high school only
Taught by Raymond Jackson

Learn how to make handmade, hardcover-bound books that can be used as notebooks, sketchbooks, journals, etc. In the tradition of bookmaking, young artists in this workshop will also create their own hand-marbled paper to be used as end sheets.
July 9-13, 1:30 pm-4:30 pm; ages 13 and older
Taught by Ariella Gibson

Make your own book in the form of a “zine.” We will provide everything you need, including an overview and supplies. Student may sell their finished products at Memphis Zine Fest on July 20 at Crosstown Concourse on the Theater Stair.
July 16-20, 2 pm-4:30 pm; ages 12 and older
Zine Fest, Friday, July 20 from 4-7pm
Taught by Erica Qualy

Script, shoot, edit, and screen your own independent, original film — all in one week. We will make use of the Crosstown Arts digital lab to edit and premiere all films in a mini-film festival on the last Friday of the workshop.  
July 23-27, 1 pm-4 pm; ages 13 and older
Taught by Justin Thompson

To sign up for workshops, please email

Workshops vary in maximum capacity. If a workshop becomes full, a waiting list will be kept in the event that a space becomes available.

story booth afternoon workshops 

story booth is a space dedicated to helping young people in Memphis (aged 10-18) develop their own voices through creative and expository writing and other project-based art workshops. these workshops are free for participants.

these collaborations with professional artists and trained volunteers helps our participants see projects from inspiration to finished works and public recognition. we believe young people write and create with enthusiasm and increasing confidence when they see the steps of a particular artistic process lead to a final product, so each of our workshops is specifically designed to result in a finished work showcased in the most professional format possible—then published, performed, screened, or exhibited before a receptive audience.

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