Crosstown Youth Theatre Workshop

Crosstown Youth Theatre is a theatre program led by youth and specifically focused on the creation of devised art through the collaborative medium of theatre. Its three components include writing, design, and performance, all of which end in a final showcase in May.  High school students (grades 9-12) are encouraged to apply, interview, and audition.

The first workshop series will be held February 13-April 29, 2017, with three final performances in May. To apply, download and fill out the application below.

All applications are due January 27, 2017- Send to, deliver by hand to your school’s point person, or deliver/mail to 422 N. Cleveland, Memphis, TN 38104

story booth afternoon workshops 

story booth is a space dedicated to helping young people in Memphis (aged 10-18) develop their own voices through creative and expository writing and other project-based art workshops. these workshops are free for participants.

these collaborations with professional artists and trained volunteers helps our participants see projects from inspiration to finished works and public recognition. we believe young people write and create with enthusiasm and increasing confidence when they see the steps of a particular artistic process lead to a final product, so each of our workshops is specifically designed to result in a finished work showcased in the most professional format possible—then published, performed, screened, or exhibited before a receptive audience.

Crosstown Arts